Material + Fitting

Designed and manufactured with quality, durability and function in mind. Each Carbon Culture product is tried and tested extensively before ever hitting the streets. Debuting in the aftermarket sector over 10 years ago, we appreciate the demands and lifestyle behind the automotive enthusiast culture and understand its more than just an image, it’s a way of life.

Your satisfaction is key to our growth as a company and it is our number one priority. We are committed to product development and are always seeking to bring new innovative products to the market to meet the demands of our growing customer base. We utilize cutting edge technology and the best manufacturing processes to achieve a superior product over our competitors. All our products are made with GRADE-A materials, from our carbon fibre cloth weave to our special Ultra Clear lacquer finish. We rigorously inspect every product during our multiple step quality control process to ensure it arrives to you as perfectly as its left the factory

Fitting Instructions:
We highly recommend professional installation for all our products to ensure correct fitment and to avoid damage to the product. All of our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, but it must be remembered that with the likes of Carbon and Fibereglass products, these are hand layed and very labour intensive. As with any hand layed product, there will always be variations.

It must also be mentioned that while you may have for example, a 1999 Honda Civic Type-R, it may not be the original bumper. It may look standard, but it could be a third party bumper OE style bumper fitted after possible accident damage. To make matters more complicated, main manufacturers can often farm out manufacture of bumpers to various suppliers. There can be the smallest of differences between these suppliers. Therefore we highly recommend letting experienced bodyshops take care of your fitting needs. They will have the experience and know how to get the correct fitment.

If products are to be painted, please fit before painting to ensure no adjustments are needed.

My lip requires slight adjustment, how should it be done?
#1 Plastic:

plastic-lip-areasPlease take a look at the image above for common areas that may require slight adjustment in order for your bumper to meet your lip perfectly.
plastic-lip-areas_3Along this inside edge may require gentle sanding to achieve a perfect fitment.

plastic-lip-areas_4Radius corners such as the one shown above can require slight adjustment.

plastic-lip-areas_2The back ‘catch’ where the lip wraps around the wheel well should fit as close as possible to achieve a good fitment.

ezgif-com-resizeThis is a representation of the area that can require adjustment in some cases.

palstic-sanding-1Take some fine sandpaper and sand in a gentle back and forth motion, use a sanding block to ensure an even finish and if required, use a curved block to achieve the best finish. Do take care not to sand too hard.

#2 Carbon and Fibreglass:

With carbon fibre especially, it must be handled with great care. Carbon and fibreglass are very strong but can be brittle, so do not try and overstretch or pull these lips to make them fit, this can lead to cracking if too much pressure is applied.


The areas to adjust are the same as the areas found on the plastic lips above. Just take extra care

carbon-lip_3The areas to adjust are the same as the areas found on the plastic lips above. Just take extra care

carbon-sanding-1When sanding be very careful not to mark the visible area of the lip, only sand at the rear where the lip will meat the bumper.

#3 Manufacturing marks:

There can be some manufacturing marks that most will be unfamiliar with. Please do not worry if you see these, these are required and should not be mistaken for damage. These types of marks are not visible to others once fitted.
manufacturing-marks_4On curves (usually on the bottom of the plastic lips) small notches can be found. These are in place to aid the curve of the lip as it wraps around the bumper.

manufacturing-marks_2manufacturing-marks_1manufacturing-marks_3On the ends of lips where it wraps around the wheel arch, at the bottom the return piece of plastic or carbon is usually cut as shown. This aides the release of the lip from the mould during the manufacturing process and also helps when being fitted.

#4 Do I need to remove my bumper?:

Take a look at the below pictures, there are two types of lips, one style that wraps around the bottom of your bumper and sits into it (Type-A) and one  that sits under your bumper (Type-B).
• Type-A does not need to have the bumper free from the car in order to fit it, it may help having the bumper off the car but it is not a necessity.

• Type-B should be installed with the bumper removed. It is designed to be fitted from underneath the bumper and this is not possible with the bumper attached to the car.